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Performance Anxiety"Sex, violence, wickedness and suffering."  This was the mandate for a short graphic tale written by Hard Drive writer Greg Dunford, and illustrated by Gibson Quarter, now available in Murky Depths Magazine.  More info after the jump! 


Hard Drive Issue 02 CoverThe next issue of Hard Drive is almost here! Take a look at a 6 page preview and see how you can win a free limited edition copy!


27 Forbes coverRenzo just got a lot more attention!  He is the artist for Image Comic's 4 issue miniseries called 27, which will be printed at "Golden Age" size!

Cobain, Joplin, Morrison. All belong to the “27 Club,” which admits only the most brilliant musicians and artists...and kills them dead in their 27th year...

More after the jump, including preview pages of the first issue!



Aside from Hard Drive, Greg Dunford has a few other projects on the go.  One of these is Holmes Incorporated with Ty Templeton (who serves as Creative Consultant on Hard Drive) and if you look closely you will be able to spot a familiar logo on the t-shirt of one of the main characters... 


Info for Holmes Inc. is as follows:


A new generation of comic book artists and writers have come together to introduce a new twist on Sherlockian mythology in....HOLMES INCORPORATED!


More info after the jump!


Arnold Trinidad Cyberpunk sketchA group of Toronto artists came together recently to raise money for the Sick Kids Foundation, and was able to get some cyberpunk sketches for a good cause!


Toronto Comicon June 2010The Cyberpunkcomics crew made a splash at the Hobbystar’s Toronto Comicon Fan Appreciation Event this past weekend.  Mayhem and chaos ensued.  Now, after fully regenerating in the nanotech vat of goo, Seraphex reports…

“What the frak are those?!”  This was the most asked question at the booth as fans and onlookers admired the metal glowing contraption strapped to John Paul Rishea’s back...


Hard Drive isse 1bPages 15-28 of Hard Drive Episode 1 is now printed in the slick and pretty HARD DRIVE ISSUE 1B!

EXCLUSIVE pinups from Alex Milne (Transformers), Marvin Law (Slam!), Nicolas Brondo (A Rope Around Your Neck) and Leo Sandler (Pijama Party)!

Also included is a secret, behind the scenes look at the making of Hard Drive.

Only 100 copies printed!

Get yours at the Toronto Fan Appreciation Event on June 5-6!


Twenty-eight pages of eye-smacking digital Hard Drive story is now up. Check it out now!

Hard Drive Page 21


Welcome to 2010, my digital surfers! 2009 was a fascinating year for cyberpunk, not only in fiction but in the slow bleed into reality. From the auspicious beginnings of Hard Drive to record-breaking hacks and new, real life cyberpunk technology, we had them all, and I've compiled my favorites...

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During Toronto's Fan Expo 2009, the folks over at Electric Playground interviewed hot and nerdy cyberpunk booth babe Beth...