JP Rishea Cybertech Wings

Cyberpunk wingsCyberpunk fashion made a splash recently at the Toronto Alternative Fashion Week and at Toronto Torture Garden 2010.  Robot boots, metal wings and spine plates that put Lady Gaga to shame all took to the stage. 

The prettiest toys were a part of Artifice Clothing designs.  Artifice makes their mark through goth/fetish clothing creations bolstered by battery and pneumatic technology.  The designers are a sister and brother team, of Emily and J.P. Rishea.  She designed the clothes and he built the hardware.

All the designs are fantastic, from cyberpunk boots to glowing gladiator armour.  But my personal favorite of their cyberdelic creations are the Cybertek wings. 

According to J.P.'s site, "The design of these wings use biomechanical symmetry.  Bat wing joint placements and bone lengths were measured and the same ratios of lengths was applied to the joints and linkages." 

The most recent version of these bad boys shoot open to 6.5 feet in 4 seconds with the power of batteries and compressed air.  It's a great way to take some luddite's head off.cyberpunk wings asian

I don't know what gets me more excited:  That these things actually exist, or that the creators live almost spitting distance from me.

You can get your very own pair of killer wings from their site.

Do yourself a favor and go check out and Tell them Cyberpunkcomics sent you.

Soar the digital breeze.

Cyberpunk boots


oh this is just fantastic! I design cyberpunk jewelry (n write short cpunk stories) so it's great seeing so much interest in the genre. There is something beautiful about the mix of steel and skin. I'm in lust over these!

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